We believe a sustainable future is imperative, this is why we use local manufacturers in England to print our silk scarves to reduce our carbon footprint. Our scarves are digitally printed to conserve water and reduce dye waste. The scarves are then beautifully finished with hand rolled edges by skilled artisans using a traditional method. We produce limited runs to reduce fabric waste and to ensure exclusivity.


We hope you will enjoy our scarves as much as we enjoyed making them for you.



Our natural fabrics are purchased from local suppliers where possible.

We prioritise ordering fabrics that have no optical brightener, no chemical treatments and that have been sourced ethically.


The machines we use are rebuilt from retrofitted technology to reduce land fill from obsolete equipment.

None of our printing inks are environmentally damaging and all print machinery inks are recycled.


Our manufacturers have retrofitted their fabric washing facilities to utilise high pressure jets rather than tanks of fresh water to reduce water waste when washing the fabrics.


We use local artisans to hand roll all of our silk scarves, using a traditional method.


Our manufacturer's policy ensures paying a fair salary to skilled workers with an emphasis on the development of their expertise.